I hadn't really contributed to wikis for a while. I had made a Wikia account before, but I had forgotten the password I had used. Besides, I really didn't want to use that one. What I was really known for on Wikipedia was my egotistical younger self. If you were someone who insulted admins and users over a deletion of a page you had made, you're not alone. I was eventually banned, but I had made many sockpuppet accounts. Eventually I just left.

The reason I joined Wikia again was to help the Rumble Robots Wiki. For a while, I had steered clear of the TUFF Wiki, seeing as how I didn't want to see it, really. But one day.... I decided to look at it. I loved the site instantly, and then when I noticed that Jack Rabbit's page had a bad photo..... I joined it. The rest is history.

More coming soon!